Why Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Creams are effective


Many anti aging anti wrinkle creams and other products are available over the counter all claim to wipe-out any wrinkles you may have and promise to show your skin looking younger in a matter of days. Some people are tempted by these products, and you’re probably a little cautious and wondering if any of there products are actually effective in reducing and eliminating the appearance of wrinkles. The base-line on this, is that some products are both useful and effective in the prevention of wrinkles, whereas other simply are not.

Research has been conducted that would seem to validate the effectiveness to some of these anti aging anti wrinkle creams, but, many of these anti aging anti wrinkle creams haven’t been researched and tested in laboratories to ensure that they have ingredients that can fight the signs of aging and reduce wrinkles on the skin. If you’re about to go out and buy an over the counter anti aging anti wrinkle cream, then you will need to ensure that you read and check the able on the product to be sure that an active ingredient in the product will work to prevent wrinkles.


A common anti wrinkle ingredient, retinol is found in most wrinkle creams. It is considered to have a high vitamin A content and to be an anti oxidant. If you’re looking at antioxidants in general, then you can assume that they are effective by neutralizing the free radicals in your skin, these free radicals actually damage the skin cells on your body, which then produces wrinkles. Experts to indeed suggest that retional is an ingredient that can help combat and be effective against wrinkles forming on your skin.

Hydroxy Acids

The three areas or categories that hydroxy acids come under are poly hydroxyl, alpha hydroxyl and betyol hydroxyl acids. These acids are termed as exfoliants and work as an effective anti aging ingredient by ex-foliating and eliminating any dead skin cells, as well as stimulate your skin into making new skin cells. However, if you use a hydroxy acid product then you will need to wear some sort of sun block as these have been identified to help the sun damage your skin when using them. Now, experts do recommend that you do apply some sort of sun block for over a week after using an anti aging anti wrinkle cream product that contains a hydroxy acid simply to prevent any further damage to your skin and skin cells.

A nutrient – Co-enzyme Q10 – has been identified to show improvement in reducing thin wrinkles on your skin with minimal side effects. Kinetin, a plant extract is also effective against the reduction of wrinkles, as it aids the skin into forming a healthy moisture level and also the skin to create collagen.

Tea Extracts

Many anti aging anti wrinkle creams have some type of extract from teas in them, especially green tea, which is highly thought of as an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory herb. When tea extracts are in moisterisers then these products are able to temporarily hide the wrinkles, but are unable to prevent wrinkles from forming. Also, the FDA does considers wrinkle creams as cosmetic products, therefore, any wrinkle cream products aren’t tested to the extent as other medications are for their safe use in the public domain. As always though, it will be best for you to consult with your physician/dermatologist before you buy and use any anti aging anti wrinkle creams.

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  1. Milka says:

    Thanks for sharing great source of information about hydroxy acid, Retinol and green tea. I use both Retinol and green though i don’t have any fine lines and hope it will prevent skin aging in future too.

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