Anti aging Medicine – does it exist?

Now, there isn’t anyway you could say “take two and call me in the morning” anti aging medicine or an anti aging pill. You will no doubt have heard of all the hype around receiving a combination of different injections of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), estrogen and melatonin or testosterone, and that is has been promoted as an anti aging medicine to be taken for people to combat aging skin. People who undergo this treatment also need to take anti aging nutritional supplements and pills as well as having many anti aging ‘medicine’ injections – these alone won’t work.

Is There A Plan That They Are Part Of?

When you’re looking at your health and you are trying to keep it, as well as your looks, it becomes complicated and you need to approach it from a number of angles. You need to understand in your own mind what you want to accomplish by buy products or procedures in your fight against aging, you’ll need to answer this question with a plan and help to which anti aging regimes you are going to use. Generally, there are many positive side effects when you approach keeping healthy from multiple directions and you will continue to feel happy and active.

You will need to be committed and serious about your health and not forget that your body is aging and that you won’t be looking quite like you did when you were 18, but, by taking anti aging medicine (such as pills) and having injections and supplements will help you reach your goal of combating your aging skin. You’ll need to eat healthily and form an exercise plan that means you’re active on most days; you’ll need to stop smoking (that is if you haven’t already), stop going to the tanning studio, and reduce your intake of soft drinks and alcohol.

Where Can You Get It?

If you are thinking you can stroll down to your local drugstore and pick up these antiaging medicine injections or pills, then you’re mistaken. You will have to talk to your doctor, who may not want to give them to you because there has been very little scientific research backing up marketers’ claims that they work and are very effective. However, there have been a couple of reports that have been positive and much anecdotal evidence to back this up, so, you should take a trip to your local anti aging clinic, or cosmetic surgery.

Be aware that your medical insurance won’t cover any of the costs of treatments, or antiaging medicine injections, as they are not considered “necessary” by medical boards of America, and so you will have to bear the final bill yourself. You should look into the costs of the procedures though, as being bankrupt will probably cause you to age faster after the treatment.

Upon visiting a clinic you should find trained medical professionals, they shouldn’t push you into a decision of choosing the injections, but should guide you and show you the negative and positive aspects of the procedure. They’ll also give you a thorough evaluation and most probably complete a full check on your medical history as a precaution. There are many options open to you than just antiaging medicine injections, but, you’re probably not going to find a reliable anti aging pill on the market.

One of the best things you can do to cope with any stress is to complete a healthy de-stress task, such as gardening, meditation, pilates or yoga. You will find that with increased exercise you will want to eat more healthy food and that you will be happier and smile more.

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