How To Choose your Cosmetic Surgeon


Allowing just anyone to repair a burst appendix, transplant your heart, or operate on your brain isn’t going to be a possibility, you’re going to want a qualified surgeon too do this aren’t you? Then you shouldn’t let anyone other than a qualified and recommended cosmetic surgeon operate on you either. Although a nose job or tummy tuck is less complicated than an operation on your brain, it’s still surgery and there is a very real possibility that you could die in operation. This is very rare, but it will become more likely to occur if you use a person that isn’t a complete professional, with more common instances being publicised of botched surgery resulting in a person coming out looking worse than when they went in. The point here is that you’re going to have to pay a lot of money for the cosmetic surgery and you are allowing your own health to be put in the hands of a complete stranger, therefore, it’s very important to take your time and choose the right cosmetic surgeon.

Before you think about even scheduling a consultation you will need to visit different the surgeons’ websites, browse forums and talk to other patients who have had cosmetic surgery before. If any of your friends have had surgery by a particular doctor, then you should ask the good and bad points to the process that they went through with that particular doctor. Looking over a website can provide you with details about a doctor, as well as some before and after shots of recent patients that they have operated on. Once you’ve done some initial research you should narrow your list down to three or four highly qualified professional, with a choice one and two as a primary place to start, so that you can choose one of your top two.

Next, you should arrange for a consultation. Nearly all doctors will charge you a consultation fee of $100 or more, but many only ask for this single amount even if you come back and ask questions in the future. If you use a doctor that you have had a consultation off in the past 12 months, then the consultancy fee is usually applied to the total fee of the procedure that you want, but all physicians are different.

You may love the first doctor you visit, but you should always seek a second opinion, especially if this is the first time you are having plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons are compared many times as artists, and each will attempt to give you the look that you want, but, all artists are different and so after you’ve loved the first surgeon’s ideas when you move onto a second consultation, you may find that the second ‘artist’s ideas’ are better than the firsts! And if your two top choices have a lot of qualifications, then you will be able to avoid more consultation fees by choosing one of them, but, if neither suits what you want, then you could of course seek some more opinions form other doctors.

What you should remember is that you needn’t settle for a doctor unless they are exactly what you want. You will have to live with how you look after the surgery, and if you choose the perfect doctor, then everything should go well in the process.




Look at a video about a Plastic Surgeon talking through Cosmetic Surgery



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