Anti aging remedies you can make at home


If you’re like me, and you’ve passed the big 30, then being a woman you are starting to thing about aging and skin care. You are probably worrying when you are going to see signs of it, such as lines around your eyes, your forehead and faint lines around your mouth after you laugh. Currently, both genders are becoming increasingly aware of their looks – especially about faint lines and aging skin – although, that the mother world is still on their side with their health being quite good. Many men age gracefully, women age and do look old, whereas men look dignified and have a fuller character when they cross over to their middle age.

If you’re not currently thinking about Your Wrinkles, then when will you be? When they’re established and difficult to cover?

You shouldn’t be surprised about what you can use in your home and how effective you can be without spending a lot of money time and effort on trying to prevent/reverse the effects of your aging skin. Anti aging and your skin doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars on different products and medical cosmetic procedures, but it should mean that you follow a disciplined way of life towards the habits that you go through each and every day, as well as the food that you consume. Surprisingly, many anti aging products that are highly effective are in the cupboards and stores of your kitchen.


Where you aware that the potato has really exceptional anti aging effect on your skin? Potatoes can give provide you with an instant face lift, as well as wiping off your tan and the fine wrinkles that are protruding on your skin. All you need to do is cut two slices (just like your local beauty salon does with a cucumber when you go for a facial) and place these over your eyes for 15 minutes. For your face, you will need to get one medium sized potato and 2 tablespoons of apple sauce, grinding together until it becomes very smooth. You should then apply this to your face and leave it there for 30 minutes, washing away after this time with some warm water. This technique will allow your skin to glow from the inside out.


You will most certainly have learned that taking vitamin supplements have a positive effect on and can improve the overall texture of your skin, therefore, it should be at the forefront of your mind to include vitamin supplements in your diet. If you want to go a step further then you may want to add some external vitamin supplements to your skin to help you boost the overall result. All you will need to do is mix some equal portions of lentil flour and tomato puree, you’ll then need to add to the mixture 1/2 a teaspoon of lemon juice and a good dollop of turmeric paste. Applying this paste as a simple anti aging remedy three or four times a week will bring you some great results.


You will need to get a-hold of some ripe papaya, mash it until it’s slushy and then apply it to your face, leaving it there for about half an hour. Washing it away with warm water and adding some moisterizer to your face will result in a nice relaxing anti aging facial you will ever experience, plus you did it yourself and it didn’t cost that much. If you can’t get an Papaya, then you could always use a ripe (but not brown) banana which will work in the same anti aging way.

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